A revelation if you will:

It came about from having to manage my time as efficiently as possible in order to get any music written.  I have twin girls you see, just turned a year old, and I only get to compose when they are napping and I have finished all important tasks (like sweeping, mopping, ugh).  So, I may only get 5 minutes.  I started setting a goal before sitting down to work on a piece, like, say, writing out the first phrase of the melody or something like that.  I think it has made a world of difference in my composing process, not sure if it leads to "better" music or not.  But in any case, I kind of prefer to work this way lately, rather than closing my eyes and dreaming away and splattering musical paint on a canvas.

So my question to you is:  What does your sock drawer look like?  Is there a correlation to x, y, or z?

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  • Welcome to the story of my life right now! My girl is 9 months-old, and I know what you are going through. Now try having a deadline that you have to meet for a live performance. Set small goals for every day. That's what I did also. I would try to compose just 8 complete measures a day, but when it came to finishing the score I would say, "The baby is asleep, I have 40 minutes so finish editing the flute and clarinet parts." I've also found that "Sprout" on tv is a wonderful distractor for my girl when I need a little break. She loves Chica, Super Why, and Tree Fu Tom. ;) (But she loves playing her toy xylophone and electric floor piano also.)


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