Lately I enjoyed very much orchestrating chamber- and piano music by Beethoven. I am not sure whether this forum is also open for such orchestrations, but I am just so overwhelmed by this Piano Trio in Eb-Major op. 70,2 that I present to you here the Finale - I hardly know a more furious movement like this one! hope you will enjoy it (do it with full volume!):




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  • Hi, Gerd,

    What could I criticise? Nothing. You seem to be a master at such arrangements. You achieve what so many arrangers fail at: making it sound as if it was composed for the medium you've chosen.

    Very well done.

    • Thank you for you kind words, Dane! By now I have the whole work like a new symphony in YT:  It contains so many wonderful passages, like at 10:49 ff  ... :-)

      • I shall have a listen as I have a little time over the weekend.

        All I can say is that during my early days of private tuition (after I ditched college) I was asked to arrange a few bars of a Beethoven Sonata for full (Beethoven-esque) orchestra and it was the most difficult assignment I'd ever been given. 

        • Really? Which sonata was that? I orchestrated op. 01/1  and 109 - 111 and the Finale of the Tempest Sonata op 31 :-)

  •  I don't usually bother commenting on arrangements of existing music as I'd much prefer to hear original creativity but I must say, this actually convinced me that this is how the work should have been realised in the first place -- which coming from me is pretty high praise. It really is that much fun!

    • Thank you, David! Indeed it is sooo much fun to do that. I have done a pause in creating my own music and just enjoying to orchestrate (by which I can also learn a lot!). Right now I am orchestrating a string quartet (op 18,1) but then I will compose again... :-)

      • I know you rather enjoy your Beethoven arrangements -- and as you can do it so well then why not!


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