The chat room has seemed rather baron recently so I'm hoping someone could catch this post soon. I was invited to supply a quote for a full length album of a female vocalist and inquiring about fees if I score an entire album with backing music. Problem is...I dont even know where to start. Some tracks would just be a handful of instruments, it might just be one full symphony EP... What questions do I even begin asking? How should I approach this...and what should I charge?

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  • Mucho questions :

    Would this be scored out(written) so that other musicians can play it?

    Would this be a Virtual Instrument(s) arraignments?

    How much experience do you have in Orchestration either in "live" musicians or VI?

    When you say full Symph...You talking full blown; Brass, Woods, Strings,Percuss?....

    Or Chamber, or electric stuff (Dream Theatre)

    Are you the sole coordinator for this project, meaning ;Composer, Arraigner,Engineerer,Mixer etc.

    How professional are possible client(s)....Do they have $$'s.

    Whats the time frame....1 month? 1 yr?


    Is a good example of orchestration for Rock would be Metallica w/ San Fran. Symphony, or Deep Purple ;Concerto  for Orchestra and Rock (1960's), or more of an accompaniment w/ Strings, and possible Horns ...Unplugged?


    I think alot depends on you and your experience.

    If this is new, then I would charge fairly less and use it as a learning experience.


    Whatever you do.....GET A CONTRACT(written)

    Good luc

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