Orchestral Rock Piece

Hello everyone. I just recently completed a new piece of music. I have been heavily influenced by lots of rock bands in my life and grew up playing in various rock groups in around Minneapolis, MN. It was not until about 2 years ago, that I started expanding my writing into other genres of music. Non the less, I wrote a rock piece this week and wanted to get some feedback on it. Let me know your thoughts... I am very proud of this one. Please let me know what you think. 24 Elders -Rob

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  • I like the song. The loud electric guitar and fast strings parts (beginning), I think need faster drums. And there's one thing I don't like: The strings doing the dissonant double note thing. Otherwise the song is great. I especially like the end.
  • Thanks for posting this, Rob.
    I really liked this a lot - well thought out and executed.
  • I like the guitar playing. Not too much sure about the rest - the drums and the synth aren't doing it for me but if I can see past that then the song seems well thought through and the guitar is worth the admission ticket definately!
  • cool... i think i can hear the several influences in this piece, and the elements of them are combined nicely. i'm no pro, but i have a decent ear, and my ear likes this a lot. the kick seems a little washed out at times, like it isnt getting the thumping presence it needs for the double hit. otherwise i only have good things to say about this piece, it's well thought out, and maintains a good hard-rockish kinda feel while cuddling my ear with symphonic smoothness. great job!
  • This definitely had me bobbing my head. I love the strings runs with the distorted lead guitar! I don't listen to a great deal of rock/metal, but I love prog metal groups like Dream Theater and Glass Hammer and Christian metal bands like Divine in Sight, Red and Balance of Power.

    The only thing I don't like about this (a small thing) is the second guitar sound, which has a country feel to it (reminds me of hillybilly music and seemed out of place here, just my humble opinion). However, this little issue would not stop me from popping a song like this into my iPod, when it's available on iTunes.

    I look forward to hearing more of your work.
  • ice rhythm guitar work. could stand a bit of lead.. I was waiting for some Yngwie Malmsteen solo work or something,
    having a lead guitar layout a definite melody would really help.

    Other than that I love it. The rhythm guitar is great and the strings go really nice with it. The drums are okay, could be a bit more intense in places, maybe a bit more attack on the kick so it pops more. The drummer from Cannibal Corpse would cut a credit card into a circle and place it on the drum head and a matching one on the beater to get a nice attack.

    In my band Dark Nation our drummer has metal beaters and metal clickers on the heads of his kicks.

    Keep up the good work!
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