Thanks, Gavin for having me here,

Hello everyone,
I'm Maltese and started composing in the early '90s with electronic music, still do today.
However at a young age, I was fascinated by listening to soundtracks at the cinema, and today with the possibility of making such music on your computer,
I am continuing to be inspired and humbly composing with orchestral instruments.
This genre is more challenging I think to compose because you have to make it sound as realistic as possible since more attention is made to each instrument that all is cohesive.
Here is my latest work, which I think I have learned some more while composing this one. Thanks and later - Brian



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  • Wow! Good luck with your entry. Your skill can certainly can sell the product. Would love to hear more from you including any of your electronic music compositions, recent or from decades ago.  -Ray

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