• They are everywhere, the same places that atonal avant garde music is. There are little to no competition, call for scores, opportunities, commissions that are currently out there that are shunning tonal music what so ever. I dont know yall are getting this misinformation from about this apparent shunning of tonal music in the concert music world, but its wrong, despite what the nay sayers and the know it all out there think. Trust me, having entered competitions, call for scores, and many many opportunities for the last four years, and having submitted works ranging from tonal music your mother would love, to the most avant-garde atonal music out there, I have never got a letter from any of these opportunities, or read in the guidelines that they only accept the most atonal avant-garde music.

    Now as far as making money, that is a whole other issue. Not much money is to be had period in concert music, and that has not been the case for many many many years, decades, centuries even. So if money is what you seek the most, you might be in the wrong field.

    Regardless here is where you can start:

    Composer's Site
    Composer Opportunity Listings
  • Thanks! Super helpful.
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