Opcode Studio Vision Pro 4 for Mac?!

Someone gave me Opcode Studio Vision Pro 4 for Mac. Is it worth using/keeping--for composing music for film/TV? Will it compete at broadcast quality music for submitting to libraries, etc? I'm currently saving up for a new desktop with Logic Pro X, but have a Mac work laptop for now. Wondering if this Studio Vision Pro is worth using/learning. Advice?

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  • Thanks, Bob. Yes, it's old. Opcode went out of biz not long after this program was released.  I've opted not to use it--& just be patient til I get Logic Pro X with a new desktop...

  • I'm afraid that it won't work on any modern Mac (after OS9). I loved that program!

    After the Gibson guitar company bought Opcode and put it out of it's misery, I switched to DP4, and stayed with them.

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