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Hi everyone! Aside from being a casual composer and long time lurker here, I am a PhD student at Yale University's Department of Computer Science and have been doing research in computer music. Within that field, it is unfortunately very common for musical models to be proposed but never formally tested – in fact, there is no consensus on what procedures or metrics to use in some cases. In an attempt to bridge that gap, I have been developing a participant study to test various hypotheses about algorithm performance and music perception. I am currently running a pilot study version of the experiment to test the robustness of the system (lag, audio playback problems, etc.) on various platforms and internet connections. If you would like to participate, the pilot study is here:

If you decide to participate, you will be asked to listen to short clips of music and guess whether the music clip was created by a human composer or computer algorithm. You will also be asked questions about your musical background (i.e. how many years of musical training you have had). In all, the study should take no more than 20 minutes to complete.

If there are any questions, I am happy to discuss the nature of my work in general terms here, although obviously I can't give away some details about this particular experiment until all data from the final study has been collected. Also, the examples are randomized, so there is no way to do a direct comparison of answers from one run to another.

If you experience any technical problems, please let me know the conditions under which they occurred, such as what browser/device you were using at the time. Some browsers (particularly older versions) do not support the parts of HTML5 that the study uses to deliver audio. The study has also not been tested on any mobile devices, so I have no idea whether it will display/perform correctly on tablets, phones, etc.

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