•  Congratulations Gav on getting your music played by professional musicians on a public forum, that is exciting!  I will try and tune in but if I can't will it be recorded and posted on YouTube by any chance?

    • Thanks Ingo! Yes, after the concert, the link will still work

  • Hi Gav, well I missed the live stream of your song but fortunately the recording is quite good and I was able to enjoy it.  The trio is very talented, the soprano especially.  She seemed quite well rehearsed and was able to do portions from memory it seems. But the trio got a good blend when they joined together which is certainly a tribute to your arrangement as well.

    I would recommend CF members to enjoy and support live music from one of our own.  The Baltimore Composers Forum has given Gav a well deserved featured postion as the opening number here so it's easy to find.


    • Thanks Ingo!

  • That was a pretty fun piece! The singers seemed to have had a lot of fun with it. Congrats!

    • Thanks  Jérémie!

  • Hi Gav,

    Is it possible to give the exact time your piece begins?  If you do not mind.



    • It is the first piece, and begins after a few seconds

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        • Thanks so much Michael for your kind words!

      • Hi Gav,

        Such a surprise!  Totally different from what I was expecting.

        It is a proof to your competence as a scholarly composer (who chooses to write

        much lighter  works otherwise).  I do not think there are any weak points in it.

        The problem is that, I believe.  I liked your earlier works much better but

        this is something to salute also.


        Note: I had to skim the whole recording to find your piece but apparently,

        I had skipped it at the beginning.


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