Hi all,

Looking forward to your feedback. 

I composed the melody in Sibelius, and then added few of the other parts also in Sibelius. Then moved on to cubase to record some missing stuff live. A full description can be found on my website.

The sax part will be replaced by a real sax in the near future.



SoundCloud Seven Monkeys

Sibelius score (PDF)

Sibelius score (sib)

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  • Hi Antoine!
    I listened to your piece. Real sax would be big improvement here, the sound of a sample is spoiling the effect. Even though, interesting piece. I like it :)
    Accompaniment is very good. I would suggest to make it more hearable.  Sax is generally drowning everything. Thus I think it could be more quiet and it would be still on the first plan. Especially at the beginning sax was too strong. Play with dynamics. 

  • Hi Jakub,

    Thanks. I also think a real sax will be an big improvement I have received several comments about the sax being too loud. I will reduce in in the next version. Thanks,


  • I changed the mix of my composition and had a friend play the Tenor Sax. Hope you like it. All suggestions are still welcome.

    SoundCloud Seven Monkeys (Real Tenor Sax)

  • Great job on the arrangement.  The piece has a rich sound, so good on the sound production.  I had trouble with where the music was headed harmonically, so I would recommend thinking about how to connect your melodic lines, as well as your harmonic progressions to round out the progress of this piece.  Keep writing!

  • Bob,

    Thanks for your comments. I will listen to the piano solo again to see if it needs to change (back) after all. I changed the clean guitar to the distorted guitar for two reasons: it was my feeling it was less disruptive to the flow of the song, and it felt better in combination of the bass guitar sound. 


  • Hi Chris,

    Actually, I didn't pay any special attention to the harmonic structure. It was just feeling right when I was playing the piece on my piano. I was focusing on the melodic line although these are, of course, not independent.  I am about the start a new song in which I was intending to pay much more attention to the harmonic structure.



  • Hi All,

    Given your responses and those in a 'mixing forum', i have uploaded a new version to soundcloud. The mix is far less compressed (which whashed out the sound). In addition, I have turned the piano part up and added some of the original reverb again.


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