One by One

This is a piece I wrote around 5 years ago when refugees on small boats in the Gulf of Mexico were fleeing their dangerous countries with the hope of starting a new life in my country (the United States).

one by one.mp3

They risked everything. They did exactly what the heartless critics here the US would have done for their own families and themselves if they were in the same situation.

Yet these sick and heartless critics in my country just wanted them to go away.

Those refugees were fleeing for their very lives. Innocent, yet made to feel guilty.

Sorry, but there is a large population of my country that have completely lost their moral compass.

End of rant.

Anyway, I found this instrumental piece in my bag of misfit music I've written and have never posted it. That whole refugee situation was breaking my heart and this piece, for me, brings back those sad memories. Composing music is my therapy.



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  •  Another nice one, Rick.

    I particularly like the way you drop down the harmony - like at 4'0" and 4'22" though it happens earlier too.

    An easy going pleasant listen.

    I'd best not comment on your diatribe elsewhere. I can partially sympathise because the UK is well known for welcoming true refugees even if, now, we're the most densely populated region of Europe, the highest taxed and with absolutely every infrastructure falling apart (a National Health Service queue > 7,000,000?). But we have many thousand freeloaders fleeing France as if France is war torn and oppressive! One can't help wonder....

    Anyway, a pleasant song with your hallmark engaging harmonies.



    • Dane,


      I'm working on a more lively version of this one, mostly giving the bass and the drums my attention.

      The piece is just kinda long and dreary as is.

      I might add the alternate version to this post when I finish it.

      BTW, I improved the arrangement on "Another Routine Day". It had some awkward voicings as it was. I think it's better now.

      Thanks again.


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