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This is a piece I wrote while finger picking on my ukulele, inspired by the beautiful “Dreamers” coming to the United States and all the crap they have to endure along the way.

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 Hi Rick, a pleasant sounding 70s-ish pop tune. You hit all the correct chords at the correct moments. I did feel that it went on a bit long for a song that doesn't seem to vary that much in overall tone or volume. As a suggestion, I think a bit more variety in the supporting percussion might have added interest.

Thanks for posting!


Hi Rick,

the harmony did a great job supporting the melody with using the right chords as Gav said, good job with composing the harmony, however, i think the lead instrument selection limited the sensation of the melody yet the capability of connecting the listener to it. May be if u get a musician who can play the instrument for u will reduce the bulky effect of the lead sound, that’s of course if u r considering a high end final production. Relatively long bit if the right lyrics were tailored to this piece, It will turn into an epic national anthem kind of a thing. May be with a bit of tone variety or writing phrases with different rhythms will add more interest as also Gav said.

well done, I hope this is helpful.



As usual... very nice. You'll soon need to get that popcorn swept up so you can bring that singer in! The change of key at about 2'05" was a surprise indeed. Well, you have it as far as harmonic movement goes and getting back to the home key was so seamless it left me aghast. I thought "How's he going to do that?" but you did before I knew it. 

I suppose it's the same emigrating anywhere but if there are some things America has one is variety. If a migrant can't find a place in which they fit they shouldn't bother. I think I'd fit San Diego or the orange groves of Florida (hoping rising sea levels don't drown the place as they will our English flatlands. I'm no good with cold. The worst 4 letter word I can utter is "sn*w" you know, that white stuff falling from the sky. Of course another American plus (during the last century at least) is a great (modern classical) music scene, all shades from classical to the avant garde. It's very different from the UK which is one a benefit-shoppers' paradise. Migrants get pushed to the front of every queue. 

Well, I'd better stop sliding off topic with political stuff except to say I can hear what hopefully was an intended wistfulness in your song. There's a feel that with the right determination, some dreamers may come to realise their dreams. However, hoping this doesn't offend in any way but there was a production outfit called Mystic Moods that compiled many songs without words (not with the same influences obviously). I sometimes slap them on the turntable (yep, vinyl) just to relax away from composition...sort of to recharge; clean the slate. 

Anyway, I'm wittering on here. Another well-constructed and produced song, Rick. 

Thanks Dane,

I love changing keys and getting lost melodically then trying to find my way back. I think of it as being lost in the woods and having to navigate a way out. This one started as a simple ukulele thing with a melody and as usual, all manner of strings and things started clobbering over the head day and night. I think the arrangement is still a little “if-y” around the edges. I might decide to re-visit it sometime. Thanks for another nice compliment... I’m not worthy.  :)

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