On January 6, 2015 at 1:24pm, Chris Alpiar said, on one of the Music Debate threads,


“ … it’s my understanding that we made this new music debate forum for the sake of discussions that while still must pertain to music, we can get into other aspects of what makes our artistry - things that make us think and dive into issues, as long as there is a solid tie into music. I am enjoying this thread, thanks for keeping it at least moderately on topic guys and not forcing us into shutdown mode …”


This statement by Chris may prompt us to think about (a) music in general, (b) what topics we select, (c) the relationship between music and the topics, (d) how we debate on this forum, (e) what may or may not help us enhance “our artistry,” as well as (f) what makes for an enjoyable exchange of information, theories and opinions.


My main purpose in starting this thread is to throw open to the floor two large questions, which I think may be important at this particular time.  I address these questions especially to people who may have posted LESS, and who have discussed and debated topics somewhat LESS than others.  Of course, anyone should feel free to answer and say whatever they like.


The queries are:


(1). What kind of topics would people like to see discussed, debated or dealt with in future here?


(2). What do people feel are the best ways and means to go about discussing the topics (not just on the Music Debate Forum in particular, but on the Composer’s Forum in general)?


On this specific thread that I am starting, I intend to say very little, or nothing, except perhaps in response to any direct questions I may be asked.  I am interested in mostly ruminating privately (in my own mind), on any opinions presented by forum members.


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  • Hi Bob.  Thank you for your answer.  You said, "I don't get the feeling that the vast majority of people are here to debate anything. Much less discuss anything or exchange opinions."


    It might be assumed we are here to “Share ideas, thoughts … etc.,” according to the site’s mission statement.  Which ideas, which thoughts, and how do we share them, is my question for you, or anyone who wants to answer.  Communication—to give help and to receive help—is good. I agree with that insight.


  • This is a fascinating topic Ondib. In essence, we can debate the topic of debate itself; Why didn't I think of that?!

    Can you expound upon the this topic a bit? I'm not quite sure where you were going with it, that's all.

         -Benji *hugs*

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