As a reminder, here are some general rules and tips on posting in the Music Analysis and Critique forum. 

  1. Avoid posting links to other website as much as possible. Sometime it is just unavoidable due to the size limit this site has. If unable to attach the piece to the thread directly you can also embed youtube videos and sound cloud audio clips into the thread. Definitely avoid posting links to your personal page on here. 
  2. Keep each post limited to one piece of music at a time and not your entire body of work or full albums. 
  3. Posting incomplete pieces are fine and posting the piece again once finish is also fine, however avoid posting the same piece multiple times especially if said piece has very minimal changes. 
  4. We all want people to comment on our music. Don't forget to listen to your fellow composers music as well. By doing this, you are more likely to get more comments on your own music as well as make a few new friends. 
  5. Avoid "bumping" your post or "spamming" the chat box with pleas for comments. You can post links to your music within the context of conversation with your fellow composers.
  6. Include some information about the piece the music you post. 
  7. Remember, by posting your music you are going to face both positive and negative critics. If this doesnt appeal to you don't post in the Music Analysis and Critique forum. 
  8. Don't be afraid to post a critique yourself. Anyone and everyone can post regardless of music education so don't be intimidated, we are all composers and friends. 

Happy posting and we hope to hear your music soon

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  • I'll emphasize one point Tyler has made - point #4 - if you comment on other people's posts you are far more likely to get a comment on your own posts.

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