Hello, I wanted to share this piece of mine called 'Ombres et Lumières' (Lights and Shadows). It's about a walk in a quiet landscape where light is scattered through. I would like to hear your feedback about it if you have any, I personally like it but I worry it might seem a little slow (especially at the beginning).

I have included a (imperfect) recording I made of the piece, as well as the score.

Ombre et lumiere.pdf

Ombres et Lumières - Bosendorfer mp3.mp3

Thanks :)


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  • Kind of interesting. Ravel/Debussy-ish feel.

    You have way too many doublings between the melody and the top note of the left-hand chord. That kinda loses the independence of the hands. It feels like one big hand is moving up and down the keyboard.

    • Thanks for your feedback! I understand your point, but I'm not sure I see why this would necessarily be a bad thing? For example Chopin does this in prelude op. 28 no. 20, maybe without as many doublings between the two hands though. I liked the sensation of an echo this was creating, creating a sort of a vast space.


      • Same as the classic rule against parallel fifths. I just gives an "empty sound".


        • the parallel 5th rule, like most other musical rules can be and often is broken when one specifically wants the sort of effect it creates. To be honest, I'm glad I never really studied music theory beyond high school, otherwise I might have felt more inhibited about writing than I do. The ear and emotional intent should be the guide to what is written.


  • perhaps on occasion the chords can get a bit heavy but I don't think in this sort of piece is designed to be contrapuntal in the sense of independent lines. I myself find it atmospheric and touching -- one of the nicest piano works I've heard on the forum for a while. 

    • Thank you for your words! I'm glad you liked it :)  I was indeed trying to convey an atmospheric sensation, depicting a quiet open landscape. I'm happy to hear that you've felt it.

  • Wonderfully atmospheric -- as noted by Victor, does remind me a little of Ravel and Debussy, maybe Faure too.  There's nothing wrong with slow.  Different pieces serve different purposes, and this does feel like a casual stroll through beautiful and peaceful scenery.

    • Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) This is about a quiet landscape indeed, so I understand the impressionistic flavor you're reffering to!

  •  Hi Francois,

    I listened to it and enjoyed it. The tempo I did not find too slow, it seemed appropriate for the material. I definitely detected a French influence, but couldn't exactly say why. The melody is somewhat impressionistic, perhaps that's it. By way of critique the chords struck me in places as not the strongest choices possible. A good chord progression should feel like it is leading towards a particular end, in some places I felt they did, and in other places they seemed to deviate away from that forward motion (and thus to lose it).

    Thanks for posting!


    • Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it. There may be indeed a bit of a french influence, as some of my favorite composers are Debussy and Faure, and also I think the piece is a bit impressionistic too (painting a scenery). I am curious as to which chords you're referring to, maybe I can improve them, but I do understand your point.



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