Hello Guys,
I saw a documentary film about black holes. In that film, an imaginary vehicle traveled to the center of a black hole.
It was very interesting for me, and I decided to, I'm gonna make a track about this journey.
The music devided into 5 parts:
Way to the Darkness - Intro
Accretion Disc - from 1:30
Through the Event Horizon - from 2:30
Spaghettification - Spaghettification from 2:45
Way to the Center - 3:44

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  • This is the first time I've heard any of your music Oliver and it's very atmospheric. Of course it would work very well indeed as a film track and its driving rhythm and altering harmonies maintain interest throughout. Good stuff indeed. What do you use to compose with? - there are some interesting sounds that I'd like to replicate in a new piece I'm writing currently.

    Thanks for posting and keep 'em coming.


  • Thanks for your comment Stephen! I use some Kontakt libraries, like Cinematic Studio Strings, Cinesamples stuffs, and vst instruments like Spire, Dune and Serum. 

    Which instruments do you interested in exactly? 

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