• The score.


    01 - A Little fugue - 150721- Me.pdf

    Looks like it worked. I'll call it the Palaver Fudge. Not enamoured by my score being in some https thing but...
  • Hooray, finally!  Very nice, a fugue with modern chord progressions! I love it.

    Though I could've sworn I've heard this before?  Upon hearing it, it immediately struck me as familiar, and upon further listens I became more and more convinced I've heard it before. Only, not this exact version, but a recorded version that was played a little faster.  Did you by any chance post this fugue before? Like maybe, about 3 years or so ago before I took a long break from this forum?

    • Thank you for listening.

      It's possible I may have thrown it up here very early on but in the absence of a list of music posted I can't be sure.

      It isn't easily playable because of the stretches around the middle voice. I notice a few 'weird' accidentals that need changing in the score. 

      Again, thanks. I'll try writing another one when I get fed up of my usual chromatic stuff! I usually turn to something light for a break.

      • This is weird. I don't know what the admins did to this forum, but in the old days, there used to be a function for viewing a list of discussions you started, so you could look back and see what you posted. For some reason that function is no longer anywhere I can find, there's only this "activity feed" thing that lists every single comment you ever wrote -- the important stuff gets drowned in the noise, and it's impossible to find anything in a reasonable amount of time anymore. Sigh... software...

  • Oh it did work out haha

    Nice little piece! ;)

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