I had some themes in my head all night and I was racind to get them down quickly all day...It ends rather abruptly I know as I just mixed it down where it was..my wife came home and I had to give her some attention hehe... Just wondered what people thought so far. I'm worried it might be a bit repetetive, but I was trying to build some themes. All comments appreciated :)


Thanks everyone :)


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  • This is really interesting and I like it. By the end, I heard a little bit of Webern, Mahler, Danny Elfman, and J.S Bach. Like I said, very interesting combination of sounds. I especially love the melody (maybe a little repetitive, but interesting enough to elaborate on).

    One thing I am not sure about is the balance. Not that this is something that is necessarily your fault since these are computer generated issues, but just an area that bothered me a little bit. Obviously, a live performance would fix this (most likely), and you said that you just mixed it down where it was (probably without adjusting settings).

    Overall, I love this piece. Keep going; I would love to hear how it ends!

  • Thanks Riley, I'm going to be working on it some more today, I think I will develop / variate some of the themes earlier on, or move the parts around the orchestra. You're right with the mix too, the snares for instance are very loud on reflection. Anyone else have any suggestions?

  • it is nice but the begining really reminds me of a tune in the good old yoshi's story for the nintendo 64, which I later came to find it was tsaikovsky. not sure which one it is, but I find a strong resemblance. was it one of your influences? 

    very interesting, it strikes me as a film score more than concert music, am I right?

  • Um.. I never had an N64, I'd be interested to hear that! I guess it's film-score I've been listening to a lot of film soundtracks lately. I don't really have a place in mind for it, I'm just writing to see what happens

  • The first few notes sound a lot like the the beginning of Bach's Little Fugue in G Minor, so that might be what the others have sensed. Then, when the harp comes in around the middle, it sounds like the subject from the Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. Obviously, no accusations of accidental or intended plagiarism here; just pointing it out.

    I love the piece. The repetition is not a problem for me, but I do listen to drone. There is, however, one slight modification I would attempt to make. In the chord progression you use when everything quietens down and all iterations thereof, consider changing the last chord, from G to Gaug. I'm sure you know better than I that they can be tricky to use, but the harmonic minor is what I expected to hear, and I think it wouldn't sound out of place. Well done, I'm excited to hear it in its entirety!

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