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This is my latest film scoring demo.It's about a movie that exist only in my head and i make also a video with pictures to make the story more simple.I used some loop samples for some ethno  voices and some ethno flutes,my friend N.Kouris played for me a lot of violin tracks for the "arab" style enseble.In this project i wanted to combine diferent instruments from diferent places and coultoures so your opinion its very important .



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Hey thanks for your reply Jon,in this demo i deed some  experimentation and at the end   I'm still a little confused about the all thing,not only the rock thing but and the others genre's are a little bit unclear in my head .I think that  finally prevailed the first glance thrown at the  issue of oil war>>.

I have seen syriana>> and its true that something like that was in my head!!  Thanks for your time and sorry about my bad english!!


Jon Corelis said:

Well, speaking as a film-goer who might watch such a film, I had mixed feelings about this.  It begins effectively with middle-eastern sounding music over a threatening back beat, and the ominous chords accompanying the military hardware are very effective (those pictures with the music somehow remind me of Eisensteins's insect/machine like soldiers in Ivan the Terrible.)  The switch to building-up artificial wave sounds for the Western images is also good, and then at about 1:40 the strings, sounding like some Arabic-influenced Turkish popular music I've heard, convey the tension in another way which reinforces the switch back to the fighting.  But then at 2:20 for me it falls apart with the heavy-metal like rock music.  This whole genre of music always seems to me strained and overheated, and here it adds a very jarring note to a serious subject.  Then the ending is effective again.


So all in all I thought it was successful except for the hard rock, which for me ruined everything (and personally I like many kinds of rock, but I don't think this kind works here.)


By the way, have you seen Syriana?  Some of it looks like your imagined film.

Hey Ray thanks,can you explain what is the IMO?if you meen the arabic violins thing,i was having a big big problem because they recorded at home with a lot of noise and after a hard noise gating they where still rigid for the reverbs and eq's!!

Ray Kemp said:
Great cue P,

Although IMO it's a bit dry. Could do with more space and epic scale when it really gets going.
Ok now i understand,hehehe...Thanks for the advice Ray,you are targeting on sound problems and i appreciate this a lot because i'm working in my living room with some cheap headphones and always help me to know what the others are hearing,Thanks man.

Ray Kemp said:

IMO "In my opinion"

It's the quiet passages with the brass that seem too dry to me.

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