Ode to Ukraine

I was watching the news, and seeing Ukrainians trying to board trains as well as those having to walk for miles down highways pulling suitcases and carrying their children. I saw lots of tears, confusion, and fear. How horrible it’s got to be, to be forced to leave your homes, your family, your husband, your son, your father. I was feeling helpless watching this mass exodus and decided I needed to write some music to express what I was watching. I’ve entitled it "Ode to Ukraine." Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


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  • Gorgeous.



    • Thank you. I hope all works out; especially for the kids.

  • Thanks for this wonderful tribute. I love the use of the ethnic instruments? You've caught the right atmosphere with very simple means. That's great.


    • Thank you. I hope it helps somehow.

  • Very sad and solemn music.

    I can visualize the terror and the sadness of what's happening in Ukraine.

    All the lives shattered, cities destroyed, homes, families, ...

    Pray for peace in Ukraine and the world.


    • Thank you Rene and Amen to that . . .

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