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My piece is inspired by faucet: I was in bed, trying to sleep, and then I heard that annoying sound: leaky faucet in the kitchen. First theme (Glockenspiel) is my (ruined) sleep, and then just a question to myself (strings): should I stand up and shut it, or should I try to continue to sleep? Timpani in D are representing constant water drops. Last chord represents creaking of faucet that I shut. Piece was made for a super short contest, written in a super short time.Be free to post comments!

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This is very clever and humorous, Milan! The instruments do what you want them to, they portray this mundane experience that we have all had very successfully. I'm lookling forward to hearing more of your work.

Thank you for review! Soon i will post some more pieces, i am working right now on something that is near the end, so, when i finish, this is the first place where it will be.

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