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I don't think a person here could list their influences without including many "given" composers: Bach, Beethoven, Mozart.  Even beyond the "universally inspiring" (for lack of a better phrase) composers above, other "big name" composers also routinely enter into the inspirational mix: Brahms, Stravinsky, Schoenberg, Glass, Schumann, Debussy, Ligeti, etc.

My question is what composers or compositions have significantly inspired you?  These are composers that not everyone knows the name of, even those who have actively listened to and/or studied music for a long time.

The first composition of this sort comes from the "Goat Rodeo Sessions," a collaboration among Yo-yo Ma, Chris Thile, Edgar Meyer, and Stuart Duncan.  The composition is called "where's my bow"


I love the way this work combines floating consonant ethereal textures (beginning), very down-to-earth bluegrassy sections (see 1:38), and very intense, very dissonant textures (2:55).  This is a very well-crafted composition, very consise while also being very gorgeous.  I have listened to it obsessively since purchasing the album.

The other is an electronic piece called "Etude" by the composer Pablo Furman.  I cannot find a recording of it, but it was the first piece of electronic music I heard that truly rivaled acoustic compositions.  It focused on transitioning between electronically produced sounds and the human voice.  Electronic textures were crafted elegantly, until a single "electronic" note would crescendo to dominate the others, and suddenly the electronic note became a lone soprano voice that appeared, flowed down and sang a melodic fragment, and then "disintigrated" back into an electronic sound that faded away, preparing for new textures in the next section.  By the end of the composition, it was clear that the line between that which is most natural (the human voice) and that which is artificial were completely obliterated.  It was a gorgeous and moving piece of music.  I wish I could find a link to share with you.

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  • I'm finding myself more and more attracted to, and interested in this "obscure" work.


    Misato Mochizuki - Si bleu, si calme




    One of the most inspiring and unique pieces of 21st century music, in my opinion.


    I won't describe it in more detail, but just let people listen to it.



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