Hi All, 

Quite a body of works I'd like to share, but I'll post them piecewise every few weeks.

This work is a 3 movement Oboe concerto, with string orchestra, piano and timpani. Playback with Sibelius Ultimate and NP.



Hope you like!

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  • looking at your website, there is already a quite impressive body of work considering you only started in 2020, though I don't now how many of these "real" opus numbers were worked up from earlier sketches. Obviously the oboe concerto is one of the most recent and seems to fit in with the earnest and at times powerful nature of your music making from what I've listened to in other works. My general impression was that this is worthy and well-written music with a fine command of orchestral colour but is at times a little ponderous and static in movement (something I have sometimes been accused of). This impression was however dispelled by the finale which is strongly rhythmical -- perhaps a bit of Shostakovich here? -- and the quiet coda is very impressive. I'm looking forward to hearing additional works like the second symphony in its entirety.

    • Hi David, thanks for your review and thoughts. I have lovingly reconstructed several works of juvenilia from 1991-1993 or so, all of which has various Op.1 designations. Works since 2020 are designated Op.2 onward, and are all new works (some admittedly do contain some earlier materials). I'll certainly make the Second Symphony the topic of my next post. C. 

      • in that case, I'll try to be prepared for it before you post it!


  • Hi Chris,

    I listened the first 5 minutes of your Oboe Concerto.

    Orchestration appears to be competetive.

    There are two contrasts at minte 1:40 and 2:25...  They are loudness-wise and character-wise contrasting but the tempo remains the same.  This creates a static character.  Also the texture of orchestration, density, variety etc remains quiet stable...  Just imagine a wild monkey jumping from one corner of its cage to another...

     How about surprises? Maybe they will come in the minutes after the 5th.

    Nice debute to Composer's Forum.  Thank you for te Note Performer demo.

    Thanks for sharing.



    • Thanks for your comments Al. I hope you'll be interested enough to listen to the rest of the piece! There is actually quite a lot of contrast in the other movements, and the remainder of the opening movement, which takes on more of a scherzo feel. 

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