Nu Groove

I am studying music composition from a course in Udemy with award-winning composer Jonathan Peters.

Never mind the melody and harmony. I haven't yet learned the melody and harmony portion of the course. However, I have learned various techniques in rhythm and rhythmic development.

Various Techniques I used with rhythm:
*Temporary Repose Phrase Ending
*Continuing Phrase Ending
*Finality Phrase Ending
*Antecedent and Consequent Phrases
*Phrase Groups

I use Finale Print Music. If someone can teach me how to post the music sheet on this website and I'll show you how I manipulated the rhythms.

Nu Groove.mp3

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  • "Never mind the melody and harmony."


  • It's a two-part invention! Keep studying, maybe wait to post here until you have a specific composition question or a complete piece rather than an exercise. Posting is simple, you need to read the help files and FAQ's on everything to do this stuff, and Google is your friend!

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