Here is the choral version.  I will appreciate any comments, specially about parallel 5ths and octaves which gave me a hell of a time.  Score is attached.



Score: Nothing belongs to you_choir_ver5.pdf

Music: Nothing belongs to you_choir_ver5_MP3.mp3

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  • What's the reason you're concerned about parallel 5ths/octaves?

    From a cursory listen, you have some pretty modern-sounding chord progressions; perhaps there's no need to worry so much about avoiding parallel 5ths/octaves?

    • Hi Tech,

      I wanted to make it as soft as possible and as sonorous as possible. A parallel movement has a distinctive effect which jumps out if used in a soft context.  I understand that as a clearly modern style element,  a parallel movement may be used for its own reason.  

      When there is no parallel movement the vertical timbre resonances easily.  Otherwise, TO ME it sounds as if the vertical depth is reduced.

      My problem is:  I try to mix the 20th cty style with classical elemnts and reach a post-modern language.

      I sincerely appreciate your frank question.  You made me think once more what I am doing.



      • I agree that avoiding parallel 5ths/octaves and other such customs of common practice music often produces a more sonorous result -- this has also been my own experience.  But my point was merely that this has to be conscious choice, you have to know why you're doing it and what you get out of it, it shouldn't be something blindly applied.  And also that whenever the music demands it, one should be able to put aside such considerations and take advantage of the special sound of parallel 5ths/octaves/etc..

        • I totally agree Tech, GRANTED.

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