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Very new song... Please comment so that I may review/retouch.



Nothing belongs to you6.pdf


The seas are so wide
The skies are so blue
The seas do not belong to you
You do not possess blue skies
They belong to the mother earth
Forever ever forever
Your eyes are so beautiful
Your hair shines so much dark
Your hands are so soft
You look so charming
Nothing belongs to you
Forever ever forever

Your mother is so lovely
Your father is so supporting
Friends family colleagues
Neighbors teachers partners
They all belong to you now
But not forever forever
The seas are so wide
The skies are so blue
The mountains are so sharp
The lakes are so calm
They belong to the mother earth
Forever ever forever

Ali Riza SARAL


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    Hi Ali

    This has to be the gentlest, most limpid song you have written or at least presented here. Certainly the most tonal but with an occasional twist that shows you are willing to venture into a varied harmony (as in bars 45-48 for instance, and the minor 9th in bars 100 / 104).

    My only suggestion is a technical one: piano part - in bar 52 and similar, place the top note of the L.H. - A - in the right hand to make it easier to flow for someone with smaller hands. The passage suggests itself as legato as possible and this may be easier. However, you may want to preserve the appearance of 'line' and leave it like it is so the accompanist can decide for themselves.

    A very calming piece. Wonderful.

    • Hi Dane,

      I have not seen you here for a while.  At least you did not post I guess.

      Thank you very much for your interest and comments.


      • Yes, been a bit busy. I got sick and tired of learning curves so reverted to composing on paper aided by the piano. In time I'll sort out something from these ideas.

        But also, I don't know if you recall a discussion with a certain Mr Gerber. He made a claim that analogue synthesisers were of a past age. I didn't labour the point but he's wrong. Several chip manufacturers have emerged cloning or releasing the original electro-music chips and extending their functions. Moog has issued about 6 analogue synthesiser models. It drew my attention back to electro-music but I decided to use a guitar as the 'triggering' sound source and compose something. That hasn't happened quite yet as I'm having to develop and build some effects I wanted.  I can't afford Moog prices and Mr Moog doesn't do everything I want. The electronics isn't difficult - it's more like Lego these day - join the various functions together as needed - but getting them to match output to input needs a bit of work!

        So I hope to post something soon.  

        Looking forward to more of your work.

        All the best. 

        • Good to see you Dane, glad you're keeping busy and staying out of trouble! 

          Yes the analog modular synthesizer market is huge these days, lots of goodies out there in kit form too. Having tried it I would question using a guitar as a trigger source though. If you can make that work I'd like to have one!

          Of course there are lots of digital models of analog circuits that are tempting no?

          Here's an old favorite done supposedly with analog circuitry, beautiful from whatever source though.


          • Thank you Ingo, This was something to experience.


        • Hi Dane,

          Looking forward to your new work.


  • Very nice Ali, kind of new-age ambient style which continues to be popular.  Would be tempting of course to add other things, percussion or string pad perhaps?

    • Hi Ingo,

      I intend to add some stuff but am not so sure about aht to do...  An a capella choir is one option.  Originally I had şntended to make it a pop song.  But apparently it does not look like one.   Hesitating at the moment.

      Thank you very much for your unending interest.


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