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Notation Composers - Publishing Opportunity through "ScoreBank"

Hello members,

If you are a notation composer, you may have an interest in joining a new area of the Composers' Forum, "ScoreBank." This is a private area of the Composers' Forum where you can post completed scores and notation publishers can look at them. If they are interested in talking to you about publishing your scores, they will contact you directly. Right now, we have our first publisher, Kevin Riley of LKR Sheet Music Publishing, as a member of ScoreBank, and I will in the coming weeks and months be contacting other publishers to invite them to join as well.

If you'd like to join ScoreBank, PM me through this site. You can also ask questions by responding to this post or PMing me. 

Like membership in Composers' Forum, membership in ScoreBank is free!

Happy Composing!


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Someone who can produce a score

$$ Sale! A score published through ScoreBank has sold. If you are a notation composer and want to find out how you can join ScoreBank, click here.

A fourth score on ScoreBank has been published. If you are a notation composer and are looking to get your music published with an eye towards selling your scores, you can find out more by checking out ScoreBank on the left side of the CF home page.

14 Composers' Forum members have now joined ScoreBank, and a fifth and sixth score have been published! If you compose using notation and would like to have an opportunity to have your music considered by a publisher, find out more here.

16 CF members have now joined ScoreBank, and a seventh score has been published. Composers who are published by  LKR Sheet Music Publishing get a bio on their site, if you'd like to know a little bit more about some of your colleagues, check out the LKR bio page

LKR is currently putting out a call for tonal music (they will look at anything submitted though!), join ScoreBank if you'd like to have your music considered

Eighth score published!

I know it's early days but are any of these 'published' scores actually generating sales yet?

Gav Brown said:

Eighth score published!

Some are Stephen.
Hi Stephen, I have had a sale on LKR of a work submitted through SB. -Gav

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