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If you are a notation composer, you may have an interest in joining a new area of the Composers' Forum, "ScoreBank." This is a private area of the Composers' Forum where you can post completed scores and notation publishers can look at them. If they are interested in talking to you about publishing your scores, they will contact you directly. Right now, we have our first publisher, Kevin Riley of LKR Sheet Music Publishing, as a member of ScoreBank, and I will in the coming weeks and months be contacting other publishers to invite them to join as well.

If you'd like to join ScoreBank, PM me through this site. You can also ask questions by responding to this post or PMing me. 

Like membership in Composers' Forum, membership in ScoreBank is free!

Happy Composing!


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  • Good job in making this happen so quickly, Gav. although I work in Sonar/Cakewalk, I do make a score in Notion. I will think about posting something here.

  • Hi Michael, do you want me to send you an invitation?

  • Sure, why not.

  • Invitation sent

  • And accepted.

  • Gav,

    Quick work indeed. Please request that all potential publishers state their terms - particularly how sales income will be split between them and the composers.

    I may well be inclined to join the action just so long as the terms are no worse (preferably better) than Score Exchange (through whom I sell most of my scores).


  • Hi Stephen, sure!

  • Nice job setting this up Gav--all the best with it :)

    Thanks Bob https://soundcloud.com/bob-morabito

  • I am sure some of you know me but for those that don’t and in reply to Stephens query 30% of the store price goes directly to the composer.

    any other questions, just ask!

  • I understand that the percentages in this "industry" (and I use the term loosely) are heavily skewed in favour of the publisher, but I would like more transparency upfront from publishers as to what explicitly they do to warrant their larger shares.  Specifically, I'd like to know:

    -what marketing activities are undertaken to drive traffic to specific composers that are represented, as well as traffic to the publisher's site in general.

    -guidance on expected earnings using past concrete sales data, with specific case examples of low, average, and high earning scores/composers.

    -what makes the publisher unique/beneficial to composers in the marketplace, that is not already served by other smaller/independent operations.

    I think it would behoove composers to ask these and other questions of any organization that serves as a conduit between the artist and the general public (as in a middleman).  Please also understand, I'm in no way suggesting that LKR isn't a great sheet music publisher, but as there appears to be very little information about the technical aspects of their operation (at least that I could find on their site), I feel it prudent to at least inquire here.



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