Nocturne in G minor

hello again people,I finished me 2nd Nocturne,you may hear it in my page ( -the first piece)and read some info about it. I think it's better that the last one I posted,a bit more variety,and when I record it it'll be better (i hope so at least :P). I want to hear you speak and tell me your thoughts

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  • Just posting the track here as well,to make it more comfortable for you to find it.also,the description of the piece
    Continuing the Nocturnes,here comes another one,a bit brighter I think,richer in modulations and themes.However,for the time beeing I submited a version played by finale-when I have time I'll record it myshelf.There is a ritenuto which shouldn't be there (sounds too much),and I am a bit sceptical about the end. Above,I talked about a "series of works".Well,I think I made my mind,It'll be a series of Nocturnes and maybe a fantasy or two,time will tell.

    the same exact information was posted in my page as well

    nocturne in G minor.mp3
    • thanks a lot for your comment-but I don't really understand what do you mean by "original".in what way?borrowing rythm structures?harmonies?

      also,please don't wait to write a piece of the same "genre" to review. write what you think,I don't care if you"are not of that field" and other such cute silly things one could say :P
  • in my pieces,not only these uploaded here,you can feel the impact of the "Great Ones" of classical music-I think that this happens to every one-and when it doesn't,we can speak of the next "station" on the rails of music.I think that at a measure it's natural,since I'm no music genius.

    you propably found the first one more "original" because I played it-and I never added dynamics to that one-all expression was totaly decided on the moment each note was pressed.Here instead,finale 2009 plays,and if we are sure it is a good notation program,we can be as sure that it is a terrible interperter,no matter what you note on that score. It can't express me fully if I don't play,right?

    borrowing rythm structures and harmonies is something that I think everyone did does or will do,more or less.As said above,when someone doesn't borrow anything,and gives more material to the huge music tools we have in our disposal,you can say we have a big breakthrough in music. I tried to avoid making it "the classic nocturne" (classic not meaning the genre of the music),to give the left hand(wich supports the melody) a nice movement,which won't however shout "hey,I am a copy of chopins nucturnes!!",and at some point I hope I achieved that.

    when something like what you say happens to me I do 1 of the 3 things:
    1.See it again the next day a book,see a couple of bridges in other pieces,edit them on my piano,examine them,and then most of the times I'll have an idea of something to use.
    3.delete what I cannot fit.sounds extreme,but it's not. Music must flow,it's not something that has to be thought to much.You hear you like and write,you hear you don't like and don't write,that's the way we compose,and if something will sound good on it's own,but can't get it to cooperate with it's other theme-pals,take it out,start a new piece with it,transpose it,reverse it,it will find it's place somewhere!
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