Nobuo Uematsu

Hello everyone !
I’m under the impression that our community doesn’t know much about video games, so I’m going to start a thread about my all-time favorite composer: Mr Uematsu.


Nobuo Uematsu is a well-known video game composer. He was born in Japan in 1959, that means he’s 56 years old at the moment. He is best known for his astonishing work creating soundtracks for almost ALL of the “Final Fantasy” games.
He is a self-taught musician that started playing piano at 11 and he always felt influenced by occidental band like Elton John and Pink Floyd.
At 27 he got hired by Square after making music for several NES games and that’s when his career began.

Feel free to check his Wikipedia page for more detail:

Now, let me show you some of his best work (in my opinion):

Final Fantasy 7: (Retro-Futurist)
- “Prelude”
- “Anxious Heart”
- “Fighting”
- “Main Theme”

Final Fantasy 8: (Modern-Fantasy)
- “Liberi Fatali”
- “The Landing”
- “The Man With The Machine Gun”
- “The Mission”
- “Under Her Control”

Final Fantasy 9: (Medieval-Fantasy)
- “A Place To Call Home”
- “Sky Of Alexandria”
- “Danger In The Forest”
- “We Are Theives!”

Thanks for listening !
If you've enjoyed this, feel free to check out more of those on Youtube. Here are two bonus tracks for those who enjoy the piano: (gets very interesting at 1:13)

I can write a few more threads on video game soundtracks if you'd like to know more about it, just tell me what you think !

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