These hymns appear on my newest CD release From Cosmic Dust.

I've longed believe in the spiritual power of music and I tried to capture the sense of the sacred and the mystery surrounding the Divine in these short pieces.

These hymns are produced using the East-West choir with their word-builder.  When I go to a church or other reverberant hall and listen to a live choir I've rarely been able to fully understand the sung words unless I have the written text in front of me or I know them by heart.  That's why I included the words so you can read along while listening.  The instruments are from the Vienna Symphonic Library Symphonic Cube.




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  • Hi Gerry,

    I enjoyed hearing your musical settings of these text very much. The East-West choir w/word builder is amazing and I was surprised at how easy it was to follow the words as I listened to the recording. The technology for virtual sound and music just keeps getting better and better! 

    Beautiful choral writing!


    • Yeah, it sure does! 

      I was one of the first American composers to score an entire TV series (The Adventures of Gumby) using MIDI, back in 1988-89!  I've seen the technology evolve and have maintained an electronic music studio from the early 80s and the technical progress has been astonishing.   If someone had told me when I was in college studying classical music composition and theory that I'd be able to produce the works I am producing nowadays using computer technology I would have just laughed and thought that was ridiculous.  

      What's was once impossible can become possible.  If only we could apply that statement to abolishing warfare.

      Thanks again for taking the time to listen Marty, much appreciated!




  • you don't say which Wordbuilder choir but it sounds to me more like the Hollywood than the Symphonic choirs. The former is easier to get organic results with -- one downside is that a lot of "s"' and sometimes "t" stick out unless you fade them out. I know from experience (and posted a few weeks ago my "Song of Songs" using the same choir)

    A few of these pieces are really nice, especially "Greed", I thought.

    • Hi David,

      You guessed correctly!  Yes, the word builder is not perfect and I am almost certain East-West is not going to spend any more time producing a better, upgraded version.  I had to work hard to get the siblance just right; too little and it sounds fake, too much and it becomes distracting.  I did the best I could but of course having a better word builder wouldn't hurt. I still believe the results are completely acceptable in terms of allowing the musical content and feeling to come through clearly..




      • I agree -- the results are more than acceptable and there is no competition, anyway


  • I'm happy to see an effective application of 'word builder' here Jerry, I myself found it rather frustrating to work with, and the EW libraries somewhat uneven quality wise in general.  Some of their products, like the exotic voices or the pop instruments in Goliath I have used and enjoyed but their orchestral libraries don't compare to VSL imho.

    But you have made EW look good here with some excellent writing as well and that gives me a reason to try dealing with the phonetic language thing again.

    • Thanks Ingo, I appreciate your comments!  

      The thing with the EW word builder in the Hollywood Choirs is that you have to be very patient with it.  There are differing ways to spell a word that can make for better results, expermentation is usually necessary.  There's the English spelling, the phonetic spelling and the votox spelling, which is EW's proprietary way of spelling a word so the choir sounds most natural.  In many cases the English spelling works fine, but at times it doesn't.  Sometimes I have to put two S's at the end of a plural word ("leavess") in order to get the right siblance, other times I have to reduce the siblance by using a MIDI controller to reduce just that syllable's volume.   As usual with all software, studying the manual and taking the time to learn it well usually brings better results.

      There's no competition with this particular library and word builder and I am pretty sure EW is not going to continue releasing better versions in the future.  I am hoping another company releases a far more sophisticated word builder but until then the EW will have to do.



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