Night Dance(Revised)

So originally I improvised two pieces, one called New Hope and the other Night Dance. I went back and following the same chord progression and structure i re-improvised Night Dance with some variation on the right hand and going into a relative minor. Comment and critique would greatly appreciated!

Night Dance(Revised).mp3

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  • well...its nice,,,to begin with,,, some sweet (if predictable) melodies in the right hand- but you overuse the 5th chords in the left hand I think,,that tends to render the thing very monotonous for the first minute or two... However, I really like where you took it in the later stages, you modulate both meter and key, into a sort of a waltz effect..nice contrast there. You can tell that you just lost yourself with the improv...thats a great feeling!
    when you play, consider modulating to realated keys other than the relative minor... while you use that to great effect, you could add an element of suprise...try things like moving up a semitone, i find that works well!, or even the dominant or subdominant key- it would give more flavour to the music. also try to avoid hanging onto the same chord for prolonged periods of time,,, you tend to spend an awful lot of time on the tonic chord just pedalling sort of brings the music to a halt if you get my meaning...

    sounds good though .. keep it up!
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