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Usually I don't find this form in pop music but Bowie on one of his not so great albums produced with Iggy Pop a fun, cool pop song. Also interesting is the integration of elements from latin music (maybe salsa and bossa nova?) into 80's pop.  But this is a good illustration of ABCABC with Coda. Note how the cadence of the short repeated notes invite both a pause but never and end.  Rather, the change in the A and B materials to form the Coda helps give it a finality.  Also , I don't know of many pieces that do more than ABC,ABC, Coda - I can think only of the famous Chopin in D flat does ABC, ABC, ABC where the C section acts as a Coda.


Here is a link to the Bowie Iggy Pop song "Tumble and Twirl"

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