I thought id combine all 3 aspects and say hello as a newly registered member and submit a few musical ramblings for you to give me any feedback you can on please.

My name is Russell and im from essex in the UK.Ive been writing for 22 years which has brought me a lot of experience in life as well as music.Ive played with several bands in my youth as a keyboard player/bassist and many years back i just plain decided to write for myself and try new outlets and styles.

So more recently over the last year,i have focused more on music that might one day be fit for general media consumption ie games,ads etc.
I appeciate im still a way off yet, but its my longterm goal to tweak my writing to become rounded enough for use.

Please have a peek and let me know what you think

many thanks in advance.

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  • Some uploaded files

    Tears of a Geisha.mp3


    Holmes in pursuit.mp3

  • and 3 more.

    thank you

    what we become v2.mp3


    Radio silence.mp3

  • Love the music!!! I don't know if "Zimmer World" is an ode to Hans Zimmer or not, but it definitely has the feeling of a Hans Zimmer piece. I enjoy the developments and the layering of your music as well. I appreciate hearing the main theme and then listening to it morph and evolve as different harmonies and rhythms are paired with it.

    Also as a comment to your statement

    "Ive been a self taught advocate for many years.22 of them now and i can say hand on heart there are times when being completely primitive and 'feeling' your way through composition is a very personal second nature affair while other times, the sheer lack of musicality within the vast vocab thats on offer means you take longer and play catch up in some areas."

    I whole heartedly agree with the comment on the feeling your way through the music. I often have little ideas that pop into my head and then take joy in seeing how they develop in my head before I try to record them. I am also searching for knowledge, through books, this forum and other internet sources in order to develop the craft of writing, for the main purpose of being able to be more competent and learned of what I am doing in my own music, which hopefully will make me explore the vastness of the twelve note universe.

  • thanks for taking the time to listen Ryan and give your thoughts.much appreciated.

    the zimmerworld track was very much an attempt at his 'sound' and choice of progression.If there was a formula to work to,his is perhaps the easiest to imitate and it was something i wanted to try myself and prove a point.

    Im drawing on my own journey when i create most of the music i have posted with the zimmerworld omission obviously being a diversion but as much as im not positive i have found my own distinct sound just yet,id like to think most of the music ive taken in has been an inspiration and not an overbearing influence which i think is a very easy trap to all into.

    my pursuit of a definite identity eludes me but with every passing year i feel im closer to what defines what im always trying to say in a story .I think my story telling has gotten better but resources like this website will certainly help push me into more technical areas of theory that are missing from my music.
  • Not a problem.

    I am working through similar struggles as yourself as far as finding an identity for ones music, but I think the most important thing to remember for every composer, is that there are many thousands of different directions one single idea can go. So I wouldn't get caught up in the concern of what mold should and idea fit into, so much as do I (the composer) feel that this is the direction I want this piece of music to go. The most satisfying music for me to listen to personally is music that tells a story and keeps me looking forward to the next line of its tale.

    Happy writing.
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