•  It sounds like multiple cellos. Are you using electronic doubling?

    Otherwise great piece!

    • Hi Victor, No, just one cello being performed by Noteperformer reading from Sibelius.


      • Hm. In that case you're using a "cello section" rather than a solo cello. Also the double stops don't sound like they come from a single instrument.


  •  It's a moving, impassioned piece and calls for a live performance in which the player's gestures would become so much a part.

    I agree with Victor, this is a section of cellos. It undermines some of the expressive possibilities of a solo (such as vibrato and attack on some of the double stops). So I won't comment on dynamics and articulations. A score would have been welcome so we could see what's intended.

    Just my personal reaction but I'd have liked more variety in the way of modulation and more exploration of the timbral possibilities the cello can offer but this is your piece and you have your style.

    Good luck with the performance.



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