New String Runs Library

New String Runs Library.

Hi everyone,

Here are a some links to a new string runs library created by Hendrik Schwarzer. The Orchestral Tools site of Hendrik's is still in the making but I really enjoy his music demo on the page that is up and running when you open the link. I'm so impressed by his use of samples in this demo, and it's also his own music and to me it sounds amazing! I thought I would share the links with you to his Orchestral Tools Site, and the youtube videos.

Theres also another demo of Hendrik talking about the software and explaining it.

Here is an earlier video - the first one about Hendrik's library.

Also, another youtube video introducing the composer and some of his music.
And here is another one recently posted by Hendrik about demonstrating his runs patch.

I have really enjoyed watching these videos!



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  • Very impressive! Thanks for posting this information! I wonder if the runs can be integrated into ones own orchestra library (e.g. VSL). I guess there will be more detailed information on Hendrick Schwarzer's website soon.
  • Anyone have news of a release date for this?
  • Hi Felix and James, I'm glad you liked the videos.
    I don't know when the date is for the release is though. Hopefully we will get some news about it sometime.


    Steve :-)
  • Hi everyone,

    just thought I would tell you some great news that Hendrik's Orchestral String Runs library website is now updated, and he is taking orders now. There is also a pre-order price! The product release date is also given. I have came across some other information that Hendrik is working on a pdf file that will be giving more details about the library also.

    Here's the link to the updated site:

    best regards,

    Steve :-)
  • Hi everyone,

    So sorry - I apologise to all as I am VERY late getting this up, but, just to let you know that Hendrik has a pdf on his site that gives all the details for the string runs articulations that is avaliable as a download on the first main page of the website. I've downloaded it myself and checked it out, and it gives the details of the articulations and notated score examples of how each articulation looks scored out.
    It is just what you need if you are wanting to know exact details in regards to the notes that are played in each articulation.

    The page with the pdf download on is here with other details about the library:

    or you can download the pdf straight from this link:

    The price is $399, but the pre-order price is $299 and the Library is released on the 1st of December, so I am guessing that is when the pre-order price finishes, so if you want to make the order, now would be the time. Again, I do apologise for getting this message onto the forum so late!



  • Sorry everyone,

    I just discovered the link I gave for the pdf does not work, but as I mentioned, the pdf link is on the main page, so that should not be a problem.


    Steve :-)
  • im looking forward to investing in this.should have bought it when the deal was running but at the moment,it appears all the downloads have overloaded there server i wouldnt be downloading much if i had bought it early.

    im addding it to my wishlist along with tonehammer requiem i think.
  • there now backonline!
  • The library is absolutely great! I posted a review yesterday on my blog and Hendrik (the creator of OSR) was so nice to link it on his blog.
    There are a few rough edges, but as a first library for the developer it is absolutely stunning. I think this is truly a must have, kind of like Hollywoodwinds, but for strings :)
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