New song and Video: "Stuck"

Hello again! I know I've posted quite a bit recently compared to my usual activity, but there's been a surge of productivity on this topic for me lately. Over the past couple days I made this video for one of my piano pieces. I call it "Stuck", as I feel the song and video both share the same meaning. The video shows the struggles of dealing with an emotion, action, or memory. In struggling with it, you feel you're repeating the same action over and over again. While internally, you're falling apart.

I'd love some feedback on the song! And though I know this is a composing forum, I'd also love some feedback on the video.Hope you enjoy the listen!

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  • Hi Layne. The piano theme does capture the feeling of "stuck". Together with the video, the nuance is strengthened more. But I would probably add some dissonance to the melody, to really portray the nuance. Here, we can also grabs it as a "lonely" feeling or some sort. Just my thought. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hello! Thank you for listening! Glad you enjoyed it. And I appreciate your feedback. I agree that, in hindsight, that would have amplified the feeling further.

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