Just beginning to learn digital composition. This short little piece took about 2hours and although I'm still very uncomfortable with mixing/mastering, I think I'm starting to improve. 


Your comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated,


Steve Hatchfield

Song for Pam.mp3

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  • I have a few suggestions regarding the instrumentation. Perhaps the first strings should be changed to a solo viola? And personally I would replace the initial staccato instrument (I can't tell what it is) with piano. And is that choir I hear? I think that's unnecessary in this piece. Overall compsition-wise it's very good - it flows well and is cheerful. I hope cheerful is what you were going for... Can I ask what library(-ies) you're using?

  • Ahh, my edit didn't save... On the mix side of things, I think everything is fine except for perhaps the piano could be higher in the mix during the solo brass and the cello(?) and maybe some more powerful bass towards the end. I hear no problem with the mastering.
  • Have you tried playing the individual parts by hand, on your keyboard, and then comparing that to this previous version? Try various degrees of quantizing to see how that changes the flow. The arrangement is pretty good and I like your main piano theme, which I agree could flow a lot better...
  • Thanks guys, I really appreciate the feedback.  I'm working on a second copy right now.  The libraries I used were EW Symphonic Orchestra, and EW Symphonic Choirs.  

    All parts were recorded live on my keyboard as a midi controller.


  • How much quantizing did you use?
  • Thanks Ray that does help quite a bit
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