Hi everyone!

I wanted to share my latest piece. It wasn't that easy to record... first because it's easy to make some little mistakes in the ending part but also because as soon as I press record, I start over thinking every notes.

Anyway, I hope you'll like it!



Jérémie Lhomme

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  • Hi Jérémie,

    my personal opinion: Wow! Blown me away!

    Just anbelievable how many ideas of little harmonic and melodic twists and great different techniques of laying out the harmonies on the piano you're showing in such a short piece.

    And the way you're starting this delicate with little voicing and dynamic using an big arc of suspense for creating a climax and returning to this lyric mood again leaves such a great impression of a complete form.

    For me this sounds like an excerpt of the piano-part of a concert for piano and orchestra. Any plans about that?


    Thx a lot for sharing with us... would have left more than one thumps up in YouTube if that would be possible! :)


    • Thank you so much! This type of comment makes me really happy and motivates me to keep writing music! I do put a lot of care in my pieces! If I have the opportunity, I might indeed like writing a piano concerto. Some of my favorite pieces are concerti.(Chopin, Brahms and Rachmaninoff)

      Thank you again for taking the time to listen and write a comment!

  • A nice traditional tune with a hint of the modern, and well performed. Thanks for sharing it with us, Jérémie!


    • Thank YOU for listening and commenting! :)

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