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I've been working on this for a few weeks and wanted to get some feedback. I'm not entirely sure if I like it or not or where I'm going with it.  It's called "Fractures" for wind ensemble and was intended to explore different aspects of the human psyche. Still have a lot of work to do on it, but not sure if it's worth the effort. This is one of the first pieces I've attempted without writing a condensed piano score first and it's coming across to me, as being very disjointed as a result. I'd really appreciate some opinions and feedback.



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Luminous and lovely, Tim. Loved the chromaticism, and the post-Debussy harmonies, reminiscent of Durufle's organ music.

Toward the end there was a silence, I almost thought it was over, but then it started up again. You might want to put a note in about this so folks don't give up on it.

Worth the wait to hear your music!

Actually it does end about the 3:45 mark. I forgot to delete empty measures before converting the file to MP3. The section you heard later is a phrase I discarded but am hoping to use later in the piece. Thanks for the feedback!!!

Intriguing. I enoy your use of unusual harmonies and the overall impression, is one of relaxation.

Until the percussion sets in..

A really good piece of work.

I enjoyed it, and I definitely think you should continue it. The idea behind it of exploring those elements, paired with your uncertainty about where it's heading... I'm not really sure how to best say it, but it seems to me that that makes for an intriguing combination. But also, I do think I understand why you say it's feeling a little disjointed to you. Personally, however, I don't think it's always for the best to have anything more than a general idea/mood (or the plural of those) to begin with, anyway. I mean, that's where the exploration comes in, anyway, right? But if the piece wants to start dictating to you what it wants to do, and you're not comfortable with that, go to war with it and show it who's boss.          

Pretty sounds. I wonder if you had a different reverb on the organ than on the rest of the ensemble. It sounded strange.

Yes. Thank you to all who have posted. I'm taking all of the advice and
Comments to heart. I've done no kind of finishing or mixing yet. These are
The finale "stock" voicings with all of their drawbacks. I'm not terribly
Knowledgable on mixing voices on computer and has a guy I know
That cleans it up and balances it once the score is complete.
I'd love to find some sort of finale master class to do it myself sometime.
If anyone knows of any in the Fort Worth area, please point me in the right direction.
In the meantime, thank you all. The feedback is invaluable. I appreciate it greatly.

Hey there, Tim, 

Nice to meet you.  I love this piece!  I don't get and sense of it being "disjointed."  I'd say "fluid" would be a better word. Beautiful orchestration.  What software are you running?  It sounds great.


Okay, stock Finale.  Sorry, I try not to read comments before listening or responding.


Hi Tim,

Some very good stuff here - but, as Bob says, there's too much reverb to understand entirely what you're aiming at. Can you post a pdf of the score to enable a slightly deeper analysis?

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