New piece written for two pianos.

I would love to have some critiques of this composition as this was the first time I've written music to accompany a visual medium. (Slide show of my sister in laws wedding in Italy.)  I will upload the video and audio together someday soon, but for now all I have is the audio.



Overture in Orvieto.mp3

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  • Its a good piece of music but I felt that it lack something. When I think of pieces for two pianos I think of melodic lines and range on the piano that can not be done with one, this piece however sounds like most of it can be done with one piano.
    There are a lot of strong ideas but they just need more development, and more use of the piano. But that is so far what I can hear. If you have the sheet music I would love to take a look for a much more detailed critique.
  • Hey,

    You're right in that a majority can be played by one pianist, but I don't really know (ignorance) how you define a piece of music as requiring more than one person. Certain sections in this require two people (maybe two minutes worth) and certain sections only need one. As far as the development is concerned, I wrote it based on a slide show, which I need to upload still. Therefore, the music revolves around the emotions I wanted to create when paired with the visual medium. There were instances where I would write and think that this is gonna be awesome because it had a lot of intricate work in it. However, when paired with the visual, it took away from it, so I pulled out what I thought to be unnecessary notes.

    When you say "development" can you expand on that topic, because I'm having a hard time trying to learn how to take an idea and make it into a longer piece of music. My development right now consists of repeating and starting a new idea in the same piece of music.

    Thanks for your input.

  • I enjoy listening to it... softer and slower, louder and faster... I like the sound of some of the "runs" in there... really cool...
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