Solo piano, kind of improvisatory, using a favorite rhythm: 7/8 interspersed with a basic duple for contrast.  I like modulating in the modes, and this is no exception.  It starts in C# Dorian, goes to E Dorian; G Dorian, D Dorian.  (No real logic there, it just what sounded good to my ear!). Feedback is welcome!

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  • I listened to it and thought it was spirited and enjoyable.  Good use of an underlying train rhythm throughout.

    • Thanks for your response, Jon.


  •  Very nice.

    Good old Amtrak! You certainly catch the energy and speed of a train ride. Brilliant performance too. 

    My only concern was that the ending was a little weak and sudden. Far be it from me to suggest it but did you ponder on bringing the train to a halt? However, that doesn't matter in that it's also a piece about fleetness and energy and stands alone as that.

    Altogether a great piece.

    • Thanks for your comments, Dane!  Re: your idea about bringing the train to a halt, I guess I was thinking it disappeared around the bend!

  • You've captued the image of a high speed train ride well. It's easy to imagine sitting in that train watching the world rusy by, well done.


    • Thanks for listening Rob!


  • Very nice and fun piece Emily, thanks for sharing.

    I have also written a work with a similar name called 'The Train'...

    Perhaps I'll share it on the forum later on.





    • Thanks for listening, Saul!  I look forward to hearing your piece!

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