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This is a quiet, reflective piece I wrote recently.  The hook for me was the G flat chord over a b flat minor chord.  That suggested practically the whole piece for me. 

Feedback welcome!

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This is the correct link below--the one above doesnt work. Thanks Bob

Hello Emily,

This is an evocative work which envelops one in the sound and moodiness of it. The picture on your Soundlcloud of a snowy winter's evening seems to me to match the mood quite well. A memorable melody and a sweet and simple approach to harmony are also quite well done. The only quibble I had with it is that it seems not so much to end as it does to stop, that is, I didn't hear anything as the end approached that prepared me for it. I might suggest a slow diminishment of volume as the end approaches, even if you don't change a single note, would achieve this. A lot of modern music, particular in the pop/rock arena, ends with a "repeat and fade," and it can be quite effective for slow-tempo pieces such as yours. All in all, a very nice work, thanks for sharing it!


Thank you Gav.  I am actually puzzled about what you heard at the end - not quite getting what you meant.  What I put there was that minor six chord, a slight ritard, then I it diminished into the resolution tonic chord.  Very quiet.  I'm wondering if what you heard got cut off or something.

Hi Emily,

The piece on Soundcloud is 4:01 in length, I see that it starts to dimuendo around 3:49, there is about 5 seconds of sound after that during which there are almost no notes playing, and then the last 5 seconds or so is quiet. It has the effect to my ears of the piece just stopping -


Huh.  I wonder if it's because you have a different sound system.  I know I should probably check it out on other systems - I only use two.  Because when I play it on my system I hear it fine, right up to the end.

Emily is there a chance of viewing a score at all?

No, I don't use score, just DAW.  I'm always trying for a finished recording. 

Kevin riley said:

Emily is there a chance of viewing a score at all?

Hi Emily,

I like the way this develops. Nice 5ths over the harp arpeggio? Definitely a melancholy work. Very reflective. Nice use of pads. Uncluttered mix. Clean and straight forward. I didn't have the technical issues listening on my system here.The pads sit just right under everything else.

I think the track has potential as a movie track. Nice background music. Not overt. Well placed changes. Nice mix. This is very well done!

Thank you Timothy  Your comments are perceptive and appreciated!

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