• I like it. To me it's like a kind of mini sonata.

  • Thanks, Jenny

    Due to your suggestion - I'm calling this piece Sonatina - a small sonata (or that's what it originally meant).

  • I like to hear that you are stepping out of the schmaltzy realm a little, though some of the elements are still in that, which is fine since that is your style. I like the contrast in this piece, and the mood differences. 

    I wish their were more places for the trombone to breath, their are moments that have very very long periods with no breathing. So unless you don't mind them making their breath marks, you should at least mark the phrase markings or add a rest once in a while. 

    Also, double check those glissandos at the end. Trombone can't just play any glissandos, if they are in first position or glissing to a note that is in a lower position. So double check that. 

    Other than that good job.

  • All possible Tyler
  • Don't you hate the S word?!

    All Adrian has done is write a good piece of music. Great melody, a bit of technical stuf as well. The player will find the phrases okay. This is a piece that will linger in the memory. I for one hope that Adrian stays just where he is as far as style goes. Leave the "non music" music to someone else.
  • What?

    An octave glissando as a single glissando?

    Or as 2 (or 3) merged glissandi?
    Kevin Riley said:

    All possible Tyler
    New piece for trombone and piano
    Here is mix 2 - I have revised the score and given the trombone a few more places to breathe     Please tell me what you think of the piece. Thank…
  • Neither David. It is a lip gliss.

  • thanks to all the suggestions here - I have made a few changes and allowed the piano to give the trombone a few more breaks and breathing spaces, without hopefully spoiling the melodies.

    will post again soon

  • Now I have reduced the burden on the trombone, see what you think....

    Trombone and Piano8 (1)-1.pdf

  • Bob - thanks for listening.

    It is a loose Sonata form (very loose), but believe me, more of a sonata form than other things called "sonata" in the modern idiom.

    It isn't strict at all - there is an introduction, two themes, a bridge passage between them and a development section that is in fact quite different in tonality and rhythm from what has come before; maybe more of a re-transition before the initial theme begins again. Also, both themes are in the same key of G minor. A certain amount of thinking of "form" went into this piece, but probably mainly just what sounded right and where my imagination took me.

    If it sounds right to me and feels balanced, that is more important.

    Thanks for the suggestion on the gliss; this is something I will consider in future.

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