Greetings friends, peers, and teachers all. I've been working on a new piece of music. This 6/8 time score mixes elements of Celtic style music with that of new age. I know it still has work to be done, and for the first time since I started composing I'm going to open this up to other people, like you, in the music industry. I don't want a flaming or bashing, but any constructive criticism, helpful feedback, or encouragement of what is already there would be greatly appreciated and quite possibly applied. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Thank you so much, ~ Jason

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  • I enjoyed the celtic feel to this.
    sorry I don't have more for you.
    • Hey, that's awesome. If every person said something similar I would be happy. =)

      ~ Jason
  • Hi Jason
    The melody is really good and love that 6/8 feel which sits as a natural in celtic music.I thought the almost arpeggiator rhythm sound was rather too proud and the notes a little too short,it robs the melody line a bit.
    Harp sounds are tricky to a realistic sound especially in the high octaves. If you increase the sustain on the arp sound that may help take the level down.Thought of adding some perc?
    • Thanks Steve! I'll take a listen to the arp parts and see what I can do with them. Right now they are on blocks and logs, so adding sustain to those is probably out of the question. I'll try some different samples and see what becomes of them. As for the percussion, I'm not sure. I'll noodle a little and see if I can add something appealing to the song. =)
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