Hello all! I'm back again with another original song, this one inspired by the retro/synthwave style soundtrack of Stranger Things! I would love some feedback, especially from those familiar with the show and its signature sound. Hope you all enjoy it! Side note, if you haven't watched but like 80s horror/thriller/sci-fi, I highly recommend this show! It's an homage to that genre as a whole!


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  • Hi Layne,

    Very nice deep bass.

    Love the melodies of this song.

    Nice recording.

    Thanks for sharing.




    • Thank you so much for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Hi Layne,

    I have not watched the show.

    This music is quite captivating.

    Not so horrifying or scary, but actually engaging and quite suspenseful.

    I am enjoying the listen

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Thank you for comment! I really appreciate the kind words. Happy to hear you enjoyed listening!

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