• Thank you for paying attention to making your music listenable. That alone made me like it. The piece spends a lot of time setting a mood, yet I found myself wanting to hear more of the substance for which that the mood was set. Perhaps add such a bridge section?

  • Thanks for the feedback Al, and for taking the time to listen.

    As part of the brief, I had to keep the piece to a max length of 2:45, so unfortunately couldn't develop out further on that basis, unless 'progressing' the piece more quickly in the second section (or making the first section shorter, in which case the same principle would apply). I take on board what you're saying though - the challenge is to basically achieve both the build and 'resolution' in the restricted timing of this situation!

  • Ahhhhh. OK, at 2'01" there is a brass line that comes in but it is a bit obscured by the string obbligato. Perhaps you might bring down the volume of the string obbligato during the time that that line lasts to bring it out a bit more? That would satisfy, I think.

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