New Music Library

I have recently finished building a website for composers which enables them to upload their scores to the web.
My intention is to create a library of music scores by contemporary composers where musicians, ensembles and artistic directors can go and look for scores that might match what they are looking for.
It is simply a library of contemporary music scores that can be browsed through by performers. They can also contact the composer directly if they wish to perform a work.
Please use it, it's free!

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  • This is a great idea!

    It could be big in the coming years! :)

  • It is a good idea - so let's see those improvements before we can start posting.

  • Jon,

    Thank you for your reply.
    Let me respond to some of the points that you bring up.

    I intentionaly didn't add a genre option. The reason is this, this is a contemporary music website. It means that ensembles that are looking for pieces to perform should not judge by genre but by the quality of the piece. I believe tlhat all genres have a place in modern music and what counts is the quality of the composer not the genre. In addition to that a performer will be exposed to different kinds of music perhaps some that they didn't think they liked.

    There is a way to include MP3 files and many of the pieces on the site have them. One needs to supply a link to the file and cannot upload the file itself since i have limited space on my hosting plan. The site uses the yahoo media player which loads a bit slowly but is there and you can listen to all the mp3s on the site.

    The upload accepts many different formats, pdf, images (for graphical scores), word docs etc. this is one of the benefits of using the google docs viewer. Using this viewer also means that you can look at the score online without actually downloading it. However if you do wish to download it you can.

    I will address your other concerns in a future update. This is a private initiative and takes a lot of time. I do it when i have spare time which is not often. I started this website since i found that something of the sort is missing. It is not for profit but for the benifit of the community.

    One thing that insisted upon is that one does not have to register or give out any information. Not to upload nor to search.
    I don't collect emails and am not interested in that. The only reason to supply your email when you upload is that you get a confirmation and a password so you can delete your score if you wish.

    I welcome any suggestions for improvment and even more any one who wants to contribute and help build this site for the benefit of all of us composers is welcome.

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