Hey everyone. I, along with a few other artists, worked together to put on my LP, which is a deep soundtrack, instrumental thought. I tried to create more dynamic sounds, something more that was missing from previous works.
I had many people's help with this process, Including Dryze, Silent Letters, and a few others that were just as important.
The album has more glitch to it than ambient. The drums on tracks are hard hitting, with drone enhancements. There is still the presence of strong ambient cords, providing a soundscape background that accompnies the drums, to create a dynamic 3D sound.
If you are interested in listening, or downloading it, Visit either of the sites below, and THANK YOU, for the listen and downloads.
I hope you Enjoy.

It is a full LP, with 10 tracks, and it is available for download individually on my [url]http:///www.soundcloud.com/stolenlogic[/url], and Its entirety, on [url]http://stolenlogic.bandcamp.com[/url].

:D :D

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