First of all. It's nice to be part of this community, I just created my account, I hope it's going tpo help me out a lot. Introducing myself: I'm Paul a.k.a. TheCluelessComposer. I just thought I'd share my latest work (which also is one of my best works) and see what you guys think about it. I'm super excited to finally get a bit more feedback on what I do. I haven't gotten a lot as of now. I'll just post a link to the YouTube video right here and let's pray that the file is small enough to be uploaded right here ;)

Super excited to hear what you guys think. Just start a conversation, I'd like to join in in order to boost the quality of my music. Again: SUPER EXCITED!!!

Paul a.k.a. TCC

Wonderful World Track #2 - A Penguin Colony

just for further information: this is a piece written for accompaniment of a documentary (Planet Earth style), maybe you can include that (especially for how well it fits the topic) into your feedback.

A Penguin Colony Orchestrated Sheet Music ( (1).mp3

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